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Offering access to a wide range of products, including conjugates, to meet customer needs, including:

  • Fully integrated service offering > from APIs to finished dosage and pharmaceutical services (clinical trial kits preparation, randomization and logistics).

  • Backward integration for key starting materials > securing the supply chain in terms of costs & quality.

  • Multiple manufacturing locations across Europe & the USA offering flexibility of supply.

Peptides, Oligonucleotides, Lipids & Carbohydrates Platform is comprised of Bio-organic APIs & Excipients (Oligonucleotides, Peptides, Lipids & Carbohydrates). Our experts manufacture Peptide APIs using solid-phase, solution-phase, and hybrid solid-solution phase technology at all scales. The wide range of down-stream processing capabilities, including preparative HPLC purification at any scale, benefits oligonucleotide manufacturing at any stage of development. Also, capabilities extend to well-known f expertise in synthetic Lipid and Carbohydrate manufacturing. To complete the fully integrated service offering, while supporting customers with Fill & Finish and Pharma Packaging / Logistic services (clinical trial kits, randomization & logistics).

With streamlined process development, scale-up and large-scale manufacture, Peptide expertise is supported by three cGMP peptide API facilities: In addition to the GMP facility process development teams and to increase the R&D throughput.

Other platform capabilities include:

  • Pegylated Peptides

  • GLP-1 Peptides & Long Peptide Sequences

  • Cyclic Peptides; Peptides with multiple (up to 4) disulfide bridges

  • Fatty Acid & Carbohydrate Conjugated Peptides

  • Arginine-rich Peptides

  • Peptide Mimetic Synthesis

  • Short Peptides (up to 12 residues), often with no preparative HPLC purification

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