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Drug Discovery Alliances, bridges the gap between groundbreaking research and the specialized analytical services that make innovation possible. In the world of drug development, the right partnerships can expedite your project from concept to reality.

That's where we come in. As brokers in the pharmaceutical industry, we specialize in connecting you with top-tier Contract Research Organizations (CROs) and laboratories equipped to handle all your analytical method development and testing needs.

Analytical Method Development

Why Partner with DDA?

  • Tailored Connections: Your project is unique, and so are your analytical needs. Whether you're tackling early preclinical challenges or ready for commercialization, we match you with services that fit your specific requirements—from HPLC/GC method development for complex separations to advanced techniques like LC/MS and NMR.

  • Quality and Compliance First: The success of your drug depends on the quality of your analytical methods and their compliance with global regulatory standards. We connect you with partners who not only are proficient in analytical science but also adhere strictly to regulatory requirements, ensuring your project moves smoothly through the development process.

  • From Raw to Release: Beyond initial development, our partners offer comprehensive services, including reference standard certification, impurity identification, and stability studies. We ensure you have access to a complete suite of analytical services, from raw material testing to final product release.

The Importance of Analytical Method Development

In the race to bring new drugs to market, analytical method development and validation stand as critical pillars of quality and safety. Here's why making the right connections in this area matters:

  • Regulatory Approval: Analytical validation is a cornerstone of both clinical trial applications and marketing authorizations. We help you find partners who excel in this crucial aspect, paving the way for regulatory approval.

  • Patient Safety: At the end of the day, patient safety is paramount. Connecting with experienced analytical service providers ensures that the development and manufacturing of your medicine meet the highest standards of quality and efficacy.

Ready to Amplify Your Drug Development Journey?


If finding the right analytical method development and testing services feels like a daunting task, let Drug Discovery Alliances make it simple. We're not just brokers; we're your partners in drug development, dedicated to connecting you with the expertise and services you need to succeed. Contact us today, and let's take the first step towards transforming your drug development ambitions into achievements.

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