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Our Process

At Drug Discovery Alliances, the fusion of innovation and meticulousness shapes every endeavor. "Our Process" isn't just a procedure; it's a commitment to excellence, ensuring that each drug candidate undergoes comprehensive evaluation, optimization, and preparation. As we navigate the intricate journey from conception to realization, our methodological approach prioritizes clarity, safety, and integrity at every juncture. Explore the systematic approach that distinguishes Drug Discovery Alliances in the realm of pharmaceutical breakthroughs.


Through our global network we deliver chemistry and formulation services bringing together scientific expertise and support during all stages of the R&D continuum for emerging biotechs, existing multinationals and the United States government.

  • Consulting

  • CMC Project Management

  • GMP Auditing

  • GMP Manufacturing

  • Licensing

  • Direct Sourcing

  • Discovery

  • R&D

  • Medicinal

  • Chemistry

  • In vitro Assays

  • In vivo Assays

  • Analytical Method Development

  • Catalysis Screening

  • Crystallization

  • Metabolites, Impurities ID & Synthesis

  • Process Research

  • Reference Standards

  • Solid Form Capabilities

  • Analysis

  • Advanced Intermediate

  • cGMP API & Commercial

  • Final Drug Product

  • Formulation Development

  • Quality & Regulatory Support

  • Raw Material Manufacturing

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