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At Drug Discovery Alliances, we're not just about expediting the pharmaceutical development process; we're about revolutionizing the way drugs are brought from the lab to the patient. Our expertise in solid form selection plays a crucial role in this mission, ensuring the development of stable, effective medications. Our suite of solid form capabilities is designed to navigate the complexities of salt and polymorph forms, ensuring the success of your drug development journey from preclinical stages to clinical trials.

Capabilities of Drug Discovery Alliances

Crystal Discovery Screen

The start of drug discovery begins with our Crystal Discovery Screen. With the capacity to handle material amounts from the tens of milligrams to grams, we dive deep into the physiochemical characteristics of your development candidate. This initial step is crucial for laying the groundwork for a successful drug development program, ensuring we fully understand the candidate's properties.


Enhancing Drug Properties through Salt & Cocrystal Screens


Our expertise extends into transforming the properties of your drug candidate through Salt and Cocrystal Screens. These processes allow us to provide crystalline forms that not only enhance the drug's properties but also improve its overall efficacy and stability. It's a strategic move to ensure your drug candidate stands out with superior properties.

The Polymorph Advantage


Discovering the optimal polymorph is crucial to unlocking a new level of drug development. Polymorphs, with their unique crystal forms, can significantly influence a drug's solubility, stability, and efficacy. Our Polymorph Screen is designed to identify these crucial variants, ensuring the selection of the most stable and effective form for your drug candidate.

Thermodynamic Stability


Understanding how your drug candidate behaves under various conditions is fundamental. Our Thermodynamic Stability Form Screen delves into how temperature and water activity affect your candidate, providing insights into its stability across different environments. This knowledge is critical for ensuring the drug's integrity throughout its lifecycle.

Ensuring Manufacturing Excellence with Process Robustness Screen

The journey from development to manufacturing is filled with challenges. Our Process Robustness Screen addresses these by examining form transition temperatures and pinpointing activity points within the manufacturing process. This crucial step ensures that your drug can be produced consistently and efficiently, upholding the highest standards of quality.

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